Redfield's Graphic Dipping and Taxidermy

Tony Redfield offers years of Taxidermy & Graphic Dipping experience. You will see the quality and attention to detail in every project and work of art.

Graphic Dipping - The Hydrographic Process

Hydrographics, also known by many other names such as; dipping, immersion printing, hydro-dipping, liquid printing, fluid imaging, aqua printing, camo dipping and water transfer printing is an extensive process. It produces a pattern finish that cannot be achieved by any other process. This process can be done on a wide variety of materials of nearly any shape. More than likely, if it can be painted, it can be printed with Hydrographics. The item must be submersed in water for this process, therefore, any item that could be damaged by this stage should not be attempted. Once the finish has dried it is an extremely durable coating that does not scratch, chip or flake very easily.

Vinyl Wraps

Want something done that is to large for the dipping process? No problem! Here at T and H Camo we also offer vinyl wraps. Vinyl wraps offer the option of having your favorite pattern on large objects like trucks, boats, or anything else you can think of. Our vinyl wraps are durable and long lasting. They can be an entire cover, or as an accent piece. Take a look in our gallery to see just what a vinyl wrap has to offer.

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